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Tips to Produce Great Photos With Smartphones.

In the era of globalization, we are dealing with the flow of information. So we can access information widely. As the example, you can read the interesting article like this. Besides, other great articles also can be found at Keliamoniz easily. Then at this time the use of social media is very popular among us. Currently, you can choose to use instagram, facebook, line, WhatsApp etc. The most interesting and popular nowadays is instagram. Because there you can upload photos or videos. You can also add captions that support the content you upload. Many of the netizens use professional cameras to take pictures. So the pictures they take are more interesting and very clear. So much like that will land on your instagram.
If you do not have a professional camera, you can use the camera phone. You do not have to worry about the image you take. Apparently, you can use the smartphone camera you have. Thus your instagram will be more lively. Believe that a unique photo will be more interesting. Because a clear photo cannot beat your unique photo. Some ways to produce cool pictures with your smartphone.

  1. First, do an exploration of the camera feature on your smartphone. If you are a hobby for taking pictures or photography then you need to consider some things to choose a mobile phone. Here you can choose a smartphone with a good camera feature. You can use the phone with 16 MP on the strength of the camera. On some mobile phones have a pro mode feature. Thus you will take a picture with a professional camera.
  2. Second, note the rule of third. Rule of third is a feature that is on your camera phone. It’s on duty to help you divide the screen into 9. Each camera has different specifications. Thus you can position your photo objects on the camera. Suppose you want to make the object more prominent. Then you have to set the location with the help of the line.
  3. Third, focus your smartphone camera before taking a picture. Something that is not less important is to focus your camera. To produce a clear image, then you should focus on one object. Many objects that are too prominent will make your camera difficult to focus. This will make your background blur. If you have finished taking the camera, you can give it If you have finished taking the camera, you can edit your photo.
  4. Fourth, understand the type of light in photography. The important component in your camera is the light. With good light, then your photo will be cooler. In the world of photography, you must recognize 9 types of light. Execute your phone according to the mood of your photo object.
  5. Fifth, give the filter effect to taste. Then you can add effects to the pictures you take. But we suggest you do not use too many filters. Because it will make your photo becomes unnatural.
  6. Sixth, you can take a picture with a unique position. You can take a picture near the object. For example leaves or twigs. But the camera focus remains on your main object.
    So you do not have to bother buying a professional camera. You can maximize your smartphone. You can look for shooting example on photographer instagram. Thus you have more knowledge of an inspiration in taking pictures.

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